Buy_it_buttonHave you ever experienced a “shipwreck” in your life?  Everything you think you know about yourself, your life, your future, and even your faith suddenly breaks apart.  You’re left scrambling to construct a lifeboat that will take you back to the shore.

I knew how my life was going to turn out.  I was going to be a missionary to Hollywood. But just eight weeks after moving to L.A., my hopes and dreams were shattered. The next four years found me circling around, into, and back out of the film industry, until I finally found my way home.

As I share my story about me life and work in Burbank, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, I interact with the best research on young-adult formation and development, guiding young adults through this tumultuous time as they try to pick up the pieces and find purpose for the future.

You can purchase a copy of Shipwrecked in L.A. at Amazon or directly from Wesleyan Publishing House.

Watch an interview with Christin on FoxNews 43 about Shipwrecked in L.A. and the growing “Failure to Launch” phenomenon.



Praise for Shipwrecked in L.A. from Marcia Baxter Magolda:

“Christin Taylor tells a compelling story of working through finding her own voice in the context of her faith.  She speaks to readers from the depth of her shipwreck, powerfully articulating the real pain and struggle involved in being lost in early adulthood.  She is courageously transparent as she offers readers a window into her soul.  The authenticity with which she recounts being lost – and finding her internal voice – will undoubtedly inspire others to reflect on the meaning of their lives.”






BTTDLListen to Christin talk about how to navigate the challenges of being 20-Something today with Erik Fisher over on his top-rated podcast, Beyond the To-Do List.

9 thoughts on “Shipwrecked in L.A.

  1. The Bible tells us that we have to have the faith of a child and as an adult god some times uses a child to remind us that it is ok to show our faith in Him. I live in a senior apartment complex and find many that do not believe but they come to me when they have questions.
    Others that are believers come to me because they know if I can not answer there question I will find the answer. I lover the story about your family in on the internet. I believe it will encourage others

  2. I”m thoroughly enjoying SHIPWRECKED IN L.A. I attended “Marion College” with your dad, worked at Wesleyan headquarters so knew your grandfather, and was on staff at College Church. My wife was RD at Shatford Hall, so am resonating with references to your family, College Church and IWU. Also, very much relating to finding one’s way to a meaningful life. I’ve now worked at Wesleyan Publishing House three times–once in college, once as editor in youth and Sunday school, and now in acquisitions. Well, back to the swing in the backyard to continue reading.

    1. Thank you so much James for the note! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book! If you’re in acquisitions you may be seeing another book proposal from me soon. I’m working on a third book about faith shipwrecks. :-)

      1. I’ll look forward to seeing your third book. I just finished SHIPWRECKED IN L.A. today. Although I’m well past my 20s, I thoroughly enjoyed the writing (very Ann Lamott-esque) and the insights (I wish I had it in my 20s.)

        Have we met at a writers’ conference or a Wesleyan event? You look so familiar.

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