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Most young adults encounter at least one “shipwreck” during their twenties.  Everything you think you know about yourself, your life, your future, and even your faith suddenly breaks apart.  You’re left scrambling to construct a lifeboat that will take you back to the shore.

Christin Taylor knew how her life was going to turn out.  She was going to be a missionary to the Hollywood film industry. But just eight weeks after moving to L.A., her hopes and dreams were shattered. The next four years found Christin circling around, into, and back out of the film industry, until she finally found her way home.

As Christin shares a compelling story about her life and work in Burbank, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, she interacts with the best research on young-adult formation and development, guiding young adults through this tumultuous time as they try to pick up the pieces and find purpose for the future.

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Watch an interview with Christin on FoxNews 43 about Shipwrecked in L.A. and the growing “Failure to Launch” phenomenon.



Praise for Shipwrecked in L.A. from Marcia Baxter Magolda:

“Christin Taylor tells a compelling story of working through finding her own voice in the context of her faith.  She speaks to readers from the depth of her shipwreck, powerfully articulating the real pain and struggle involved in being lost in early adulthood.  She is courageously transparent as she offers readers a window into her soul.  The authenticity with which she recounts being lost – and finding her internal voice – will undoubtedly inspire others to reflect on the meaning of their lives.”






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