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My books deal with identity and faith development. As you read, you’ll sink down into my stories and travel the West Coast from Los Angeles to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Amidst the narratives of my own identity and faith shipwrecks, you’ll read leading scholars on young adult identity development. Through my voice and their voices,…

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Annesley Writers — Legacy of Leaving Sojourners — Undaunted: Leaving Guns Behind in America  Sojourners — The White Church’s Second Chance 100 Huntley Street – TV Interview for Crew Sojourners — When Leaving Faith Means Finding It Again Groundswell Interview — How to Walk Through a Faith Shipwreck Sojourners — Between Two Cultures: How to…

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The Blank Page Workshops

In 2009, I started a little project called the Blank Page Workshops. I intended these online workshops to be a place where I could gather my writing friends from across Los Angeles. Six years later, the BPW have grown to encompass a writing community across North America. This fall, I expanded the workshops to include…

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I am a missionary kid (MK) raised in the Wesleyan church. My childhood and adolescent years were split among the diverse backdrops of Canada, Haiti, and England. Today, I live in Southern Ontario with my MK husband, Dwayne, and our two kids. I am a writer, a professor of writing, a wife, mother, and advocate for…

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Feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you and am always open for interviews, and speaking engagements.

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